Water Hygiene And Sanitation

Are you aware of hygiene and the consequences of the lack of it? Are you aware of the need for proper sanitation facilities? If not, you can always get advice on water hygiene from proper resources.

There are many individual organizations as well as government aided organizations that strive towards a better living for the people, through clean water and sanitation. Many under developed and backward countries have no such things and are suffering every single day.

The Consequences

So what happens where proper sanitation procedures are not followed? The feces of both humans and animals just lay around rotting away and in close quarters to other people. Many think it is only the smell that is an issue, what they don’t realize is, even if it doesn’t smell, the bacteria in it is strong enough to spread. This results in the spread of various diseases, which take time to identify as there are no proper sources to test. By the time the health care professionals can identify the cause of the disease and infection, many people lose their lives.

This is why importance of sanitation is being stressed again and again. Though people understand it, the lack of proper facilities leads them to defecate in the open. This is why USAID built about 6000 latrines, spread over 25 countries. Though many may not travel all the way to the toilet and use it, this is a start for a better living.

Only when people are made aware of the problems and educated well enough, will they start taking an action. And when the people start acting responsibly, many issues will be resolved. However, the need for proper sanitation and clean water is not something to be ignored. It is a basic human necessity which is not being met in many countries. Many organizations are realizing this gap and hence are trying to bridge it.