This Is What You Must Keep In Mind When Choosing Carpet Cleaners

Do you fret at the thought of deep cleaning your carpets?

Let’s face it! We all do. About five years ago, I was extremely fussy about having clean carpets. That was the time James and I had moved into the neighborhood and we were excited at the prospect of having our little twin angels soon by spring that year.

Because it was only the two of us, the house was dominantly clean and the things were orderly and in control. This changed way too fast when we became parents and soon the routine of cleaning the carpet everyday with a vacuum and then deep cleaning it with solutions once in a week started taking a back seat because taking care of the toddlers was taking too much time and energy. The fatigue started telling on me and I would keep cleaning the carpet postponed till a further date and then so on and so further.

The moment when tragedy struck:

I never once considered calling in the professional cleaners and nonetheless even the carpet cleaners. I thought their service was just an eye wash and their prices would be outrageous. I was so prejudiced against them that I never even cared to call them and ask for a quote or even a consultation.

Jut the other day, Sam, the younger of the twins had red rashes on his feet. The rash was spreading form the legs to upwards towards his stomach and I could see that he was clearly uncomfortable. A closer look at the rash revealed it looked like an insect bite which had now broken into a big skin irritation. I panicked and took him to the doctors who told me to get my carpets cleaned after administering anti allergy via injection to Sam.

That day and this today, I make sure that carpets are regularly deep cleaned by a trustworthy company that takes its job seriously and does not cost a bomb either!