The Benefits Of Having A Collective Voice

My great grandfather and grandfather were both stunt masters for movies and I grew up watching them perform stunts on sets and even in the backyard where they practiced. They enjoyed immense health which I always attribute to the discipline that they maintained in their diet and exercise regime. Both of them lived up to the ripe age of late eighties and both of them have been active till the last days of their respective lives!

Needless to say, I was absolutely impressed:

Even when in school, I was floored by their awesome stunts and I never attributed dare devilry to those chocolate faced actors on the screen because I knew the actual dare devilry was only done by these unsung heroes – the stunt masters!

I wanted to be able to do something for them:

And right after college, I started a web portal where we invited stuntmen all over the world to register. We wanted them to have a common platform for themselves where they collectively could share the problems that ailed them personally and not only in the film industry but also otherwise.

The platform was originally created to be able to unite them and give them a place for voicing their common concern. But fortunately, the development of things was extremely encouraging.

Thank god for the internet:

Slowly, as we consolidated all of them, we started coming out with various other features that we kept adding and slowly we were a full-fledged profit making public listed company. Even though we were coming out with public issues, we were still a welfare organization at the core. Therefore, a lot of welfare measures such as insurance and other benefits were lobbied to the government. Slowly, the organization started having a voice.

We were ready now:

Every member was invited with open arms. We organized health and checkup camps and made sure that the safety measures were never given a go by when they did their job. We even presented each member with a kit consisting of all basic safety measure including the best quality of parkour shoes to get you started. We wanted to be there for them and not leave a single leaf unturned.…

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