5 Business People who Run to Work Every Day

Business entrepreneurs these days do more than just their business or meet people to help their business grow. People are more conscious about their health and want to do something about it. When you have your own business, the chance is that you hardly have time to do something for yourself. When you are busy with a growing business, setting aside some quality time to exercise is not easy and may not be possible on a daily basis.

Running is a very good exercise. Not only do you get a good cardio workout, you get to exercise all parts of the body. It helps in burning some stubborn weight and tones you in very little time.

Though there are many guides to staying fit, running to work can not only get you the much-needed exercise, but it also saves you time on the commute as you don’t have to ride the jammed subway or waste time waiting in traffic. Also, you are done with two jobs at once – commuting and exercising.

Who Runs To Work?

Here are some business people who understood this gap between want and reality and did something about it. These are people who are conscious about their bodies and want to take care of themselves. They know they need to stay fit in order to do well in business.

  • Amanda Kahlow – Founder And CEO of 6Sense
  • Josh Woiderski – One of the founders of TRC (The Run Commuter)
  • Claudia – Founder Of Corridaamiga
  • Silvia Stuchi Cruz – A Founder Of Corridaamiga
  • Cathy Tyrell Knights – Manager at Coca-Cola

Though there are many people who love to run for fitness, the trend of running to work is catching up. One of the biggest disadvantages these run commuters face is the lack of facility to shower at work. Not all offices have a shower are. Despite this, there are people who find innovative solutions and still run to work.…

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