Paid YouTube Views: Analysing Their Pros And Cons.

Purchasing views for your business video on YouTube is a common act today. Different people and think tanks have different opinions on this latest trend. Some believe that this aids the business in gaining a higher number of planned views for their promotional videos and the rest say that this is slowly putting the genuineness of the video and business as a whole at stake. There have been speculations that this phenomenon backfires quite often in a damaging way.

An overview of the paid YouTube views:

Our main reason for buying views on YouTube is that we all wish to generate more and more natural as well as organic growth of our business. If you have a larger number of view counts for your video on YouTube, your work will certainly appear to be more captivating and capable. For example, if you are surfing YouTube to find out the best video for cooking a dish and you find multiple videos which have different view counts, which one would you follow? As a normal human tendency, you will follow the one which has a maximum number of views. In the same way, if you come across a video which has more followers than other business videos, you will automatically get inclined towards it. The simple idea here is to attract as many people as possible for better business.

Paid YouTube views: An advantage or disadvantage?

There have been many controversies surrounding the ‘buying YouTube views’ industry since its inception. So before deciding upon buying YouTube views, it is important for you to first consider the advantages and disadvantages of this trend. Here we have listed some of the most significant features of buying YouTube views.

Advantages of buying YouTube views:

  • Instead of starting from zero, the business instantly gets thousands of views on its video.
  • Improves your business’s reputation.
  • Acts as an effective marketing skill.
  • Online conversions take a leap.

Disadvantages of buying YouTube views:

  • As it has more of fake audience, one needs to wait longer to get an authentic audience.
  • Can put the company’s name at stake.
  • May result in account termination if illegal content is aired.
  • Impacts the business costing.

Therefore, one can definitely plan to buy YouTube views to enhance their business. However, the risks involved in this procedure may have a negative impact if something goes wrong. As a responsible business owner, you need to analyze well and then decide what suits your business’s requirements and ambitions the best.


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The Link Between Energy Efficient Industries And Profitability

Today industries consume more than one-third of the world’s energy usage. This constitutes for more than any other sector. It is obvious then that this resource this getting stretched to the maximum making it an expensive resource. The demand keeps increasing and since the supply cannot drastically change overnight, the cost to the industries keeps getting higher.

It is for this reason that industries are looking to conserve the energy while being willing to explore alternate energy resources.

Productivity is deeply interlinked with efficiency because as the industries conserve and use energy more efficiently, productivity is better leading to better results for the company.

So, how can industries save energy?

  • Programs and initiatives: There are various programs initiated by the country’s governing bodies which promote energy savings. These could be through programs to educate small industries to move to machines or technology that will lower gas emissions or provide monetary help for industries that want to adopt measures which will provide energy savings
  • Energy Management Systems: There are several practices and measures that can be adopted as part of an energy management system that will help industries to improve their efficiency. Where industries are unable to do so on their own, there are other businesses who can provide such services for a fee. The expenditure will be worthwhile as these will be converted into savings in the long-term.
  • Transparency and disclosure: Many companies realize the importance of being transparent and disclosing their energy consumptions and the compliance. This is a strategic move which improves the image of the company. Not only do they come across as an industry that cares about the climate, investors and people want to be associated with such society conscious companies. So, by announcing and showing their commitment to conserving energy, companies are improving their productivity and indirectly the profitability.

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